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What Are Facilitation Skills?

The term facilitate has Latin origins and means ‘to make easy’. In a modern context, facilitation skills involves helping two individuals or a group of people to achieve their objectives by providing the resources, opportunities, support and encouragement they need to resolve any issues or differences; it has the goal of focusing the energy ofContinue Reading “What Are Facilitation Skills?”

Mental Health Conditions

Black Mental Health – Dealing With Mental Health Problem

How can we improve black mental health? Many communities have found that recovery is more likely when the mentally ill find caring, compassionate help. What does this mean for those left behind, who suffer so greatly from stress brought on by racism? Understanding Mental Health Issues The lack of understanding about mental health has resultedContinue Reading “Black Mental Health – Dealing With Mental Health Problem”

Mental Health Conditions

Help Yourself With Courses For Anxiety And Depression

We all have times in our lives when we feel down or blue. Other times we experience so much anxiety and stress we can’t relax. This is common for people of all ages, from all walks of live. However, when anxiety or depression continues for an extended period, it’s time to seek help. Today’s environmentContinue Reading “Help Yourself With Courses For Anxiety And Depression”

Mental Health Conditions

Learn More About Comorbidity And Its Challenges By Attending Substance Use Webinars

Comorbidity or co-occurring disorders are incredibly common among people who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction. By attending substance use webinars, you can learn more about the important connection that exists between substance use disorder and other types of mental health issues. Whether you’re seeking treatment for addiction, have someone in your life who needsContinue Reading “Learn More About Comorbidity And Its Challenges By Attending Substance Use Webinars”

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Aspergers Test For Adults

Aspergers syndrome is one type of Autism Spectrum Disorder. ASDs are typically diagnosed early in a person’s childhood as the symptoms will have already manifested at this stage. However, it is possible for an adult to develop the signs late in life. Diagnosis can be tricky as there is really no specific Aspergers test forContinue Reading “Aspergers Test For Adults”