Best Vape Kits For A Smooth Transition From Smoking

Best Vape Kits For A Smooth Transition From Smoking

Which personal vaporizers are best for whom? The answer is neither simple nor straightforward. Personal vaporizers, also known as e-cigarettes, are in constant technological evolution. Box formats, aka box mods, seem to have supplanted older tube-types though the sheer variety available in any Australian vape store you step into today can be overwhelming for a cigarette smoker planning to the switch to vaping.

According to smoking cessation specialists, the most important aspects to consider when shopping for vape kits from any Australian vape store are:

Technical aspects

Although some smokers feel more comfortable with a cigar like vaporizer, the introduction of electronic mods and their growing popularity makes them worth considering. A chief attraction of electronic mods are their long-lasting batteries which typically last twice as long as the standard battery, thus allowing the smoker to use a single battery in a day instead of two. Battery charge time is also much faster at about two hours compared to 4-5 hours for former batteries. USB compliance makes it a breeze to charge electronic mods in the office, car or at home.

Beginners are advised to start with smaller sizes whereas experienced vapers can opt for larger atomizers (with sub-ohm vaping) for thicker volutes or a tankless dripper for better rendering of flavors. Generally, men tend to prefer box modes while women have an affinity for tube mods like the eGo One and the Endura.

Flavors And Nicotine Concentration

Flavor and nicotine concentration are the two most important aspects to consider when shopping for the best vape kits for a smooth transition. Experts recommend choosing at least two different flavors to avoid becoming quickly bored.

Two important ingredients of e-liquids are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Experts recommend a PG: VG ratio of 70:30 as a sweet spot that gives a balance between the much-desired throat hit and flavor.

People who are highly intolerant to the irritating effects of PG can go for ‘softer’ e-liquids with a PG: VG ratio of 60:40 or 50:50 though the tradeoff is likely to be a less pleasant flavor. It’s also advisable to go for a vaping kit that contains nicotine. Attempting to quit smoking using e-liquids free of nicotine tends to have a high relapse rate. Nicotine doses range from 3mg/ml to 18mg/ml. The right dose for you depends on your smoking habits with higher nicotine doses advised for heavy smokers.

Generally, the best vape kits will cost an average of 10 packs of cigarettes in hardware and the first e-liquids. The key to successfully transitioning to vaping is to first and foremost take pleasure in the experience.

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