Best Practices For Event Signage In Melbourne

Best Practices For Event Signage In Melbourne

Event planners in Melbourne understand the important role that good signage plays in achieving higher attendance. With that said, planning an effective event signage strategy is not as simple as creating a handful of directional foam boards. Whenever you have several people congregating in an unfamiliar area, there are things that you cannot assume. As a guide, here are some of the best practices for a good event signage Melbourne has to offer:

Make Sure Your Signs Stand Out From The Rest

The simplest way to ensure that your signs stand out is to use branded signs that stand apart from other venue signage. Since attendees always walk past house signage, make sure that your logo or brand is displayed in such a way that it attracts attention.

Plan Your Routes Well

This not only includes directions on how to reach your event but also other less-thought requirements such as optional food, event information counter, beverage counter, and traffic flow especially for booth layout information, buffet-style caters, registration counters and washroom facilities. What’s more, an event solution should be able to record each sector and traffic flow in the flow pattern.

Know The Quality Of Your Signage

Knowing the quality of your signage is very important since you don’t want signage that flies off the wall, gets wet, gets knocked over or gets blown. Even worse is having one that’s too small to be seen.

Add flexibility to your signage

This is a very simple trick that will save you a lot of hassle on the d-day of your event. Make sure you create a few general direction signs with Velcro arrows that you can change as needed. Since some traffic patterns are hard to predict, you need to have the flexibility to post directional signage.

Get your guest to the front door first

Don’t wait for your attendees to get into the property before you start directing them. Parking and entrance signs are, therefore, very important for ensuring that your attendees park and enter the building and the correct spot. A good signage practice starts in the first place that guests will land at the event.

Never Underestimate The Power Of Human Interaction

Regardless of how eye-catching your signs might be, they can never replace the value of ushers, greeters, and parking attendants.

The best practices for event signage in Melbourne should throw all the assumptions out of the window. In a world where advertising is pushed from every angle, an effective events signage has to capture the attention of attendees by standing out.

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