Best Online Transcription Services

Best Online Transcription Services

The demand for online transcription services is always high all over the world. This is because there are a lot of audio and video files being created every single day. There are interviews, depositions, court proceedings, legal proceedings, motivational talks and other types of events where speakers are usually recorded while speaking. Most organizations usually require audio and video files to be transcribed. To get the highest quality transcription service, you have to compare all the transcribers on your list.

You can easily get the best online transcription services by simply searching the web for transcription firms. Be sure to make a list of the top-rated firms and compare them before making your final decision. Obviously, there are several things you will need to look at before making a decision, so you need not rush to commit yourself because you do not want to make a mistake. The following is a list of key factors you need to consider during your research:


Only accredited transcribers should be considered. After making a list of the top-rated firms, be sure to check whether or not they are certified to offer the transcription services you need. Certified professionals are professionally trained, so they usually offer the highest quality of service. By checking certifications, you will be in a position to identify firms that are properly qualified to transcribe the audio or video files you have.


The top transcribers in the industry are usually trusted and reliable because they have consistently offered services that meet client needs and expectations. Therefore, you need to read reviews and testimonials written about the shortlisted firms. This will enable you to pick the right firm. Be sure to also check ratings before you pick any firm. Highly-rated transcribers deserve to be given preferential treatment.


Transcribers can either bill their services on an hourly basis or per hour of audio transcribed. Some firms may even bill per page of transcript produced. Since you would like to get value for money, be sure to compare the fees charged by the transcribers on your shortlist. Transcribers with the most competitive rates deserve to get special consideration.

It is imperative you check the guarantees offered by different transcribers. Only those with customer satisfaction guarantees and money-back guarantees deserve to get any consideration. After all, you want to pay for 100% guaranteed services. Fortunately, the top firms usually offer all manner of guarantees.

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