Benefits Of Nanolex For Car Care In The UK
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Benefits Of Nanolex For Car Care In The UK

If you really want to make a purchase with confidence, experts recommend without a doubt to carry out a complete check of the history of the vehicle to make sure that it has not already been damaged and that the mileage displayed on the odometer is real. To do this, you will need the serial number of the car.

Do not hesitate to ask the mechanic to take a few minutes to carry out a test drive. Some small noises could put the chip in his ear to detect a defect on the vehicle.

Body side (Nanolex), it is important to inspect it visually. Do not be fooled by your first impression, a UK car that has been well maintained using Nanolex shows. Take the time to make a good inspection to make sure that the vehicle has not been repainted quickly to hide some of the defects of a previous accident or corrosion.

Check instrument and instrument panel lighting, horn, entertainment system, power antenna (if equipped), climate control controls, windshield wipers and front or rear windshield wipers (if applicable), power windows and windows, electric window defroster, cigarette lighter and electrical outlets (if applicable), exterior mirror controls, Nanolex, power sunroof (if applicable), electric doors and seats (if applicable).

Check engine oil level, clarity and viscosity, condition of oil filter, good condition of valve covers and cylinder head gaskets, condition of engine belts, automatic belt tensioner, the good condition of the timing belt, the condition of the hose clamps and the clamps.

Vital checks

Check for leaks or damage to the radiator and the condition of the water pump, the fins and cooling fan motor are not broken or bent, the coolant level and its protection against freezing. Check if the system cables are loose, cracked or burnt, if there are short circuits and arcing in the cables. Check the operation of the fuel injection system, the correct operation of the tank vapour recirculation device, check for leaks or loose fuel system lines and cables.

Inspect the battery for cracks, check the condition of the terminals and cables, support and fastening, measure the battery voltage and have the alternator charge system tested, test the starter for its start-up functionality.

Check climate controls and front and rear air conditioning ventilation (if applicable), correct operation of all air conditioning and air conditioning functions, compressor and clutch status, condenser and lines leaks or damage.

Check the level, clarity and viscosity of the transmission fluid as specified by the manufacturer, the condition of the cooler (if applicable), the proper engagement of all speeds, vibration of the transmission medium and liquid leaks. Check the front and rear axle level, clarity and viscosity of the fluid (Nanolex) as specified by the manufacturer.

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