Being A Fashion Model

Almost all fashion models have an attractive physical appearance. So if you’re not fairly tall and do not have a thin body stature, becoming a fashion model may be an extremely difficult goal to achieve, irrespective of what good modelling courses you take or enroll in. However, don’t lose hope as there are quite a few fashion models that have made it big without being the recommended height for the fashion industry.

The field of fashion modelling is quite competitive where rejections are the norm. If you’re just entering the field, you’re likely to be showed the red flag by modeling agencies, modeling scouts, and fashion photographers. And this is primarily because you haven’t sculpted yourself well enough to be what it takes. The following tips shall help you learn more about fashion modeling and how to become one.

Take Pictures of Yourself

Get someone to take your pictures; the photographer need not be professional. Don’t put on makeup so that the modeling scouts and agencies get to see the real, unadulterated you. To project your body, consider wearing a tank top and jeans. And make multiple copies of the photos taken so that you could forward them to different modeling agencies.

Look for Modeling Agencies

To send your photos, you should know the best modeling agencies in town. If you can travel at a short notice, then also consider sending your pictures to major cities who may call you any time for an interview, if you get shortlisted.

Be Prepared and Practice

After having sent your pictures to modeling firms, you should have a modeling agent accessible since most agencies may want to interact with your agent as well. Most importantly, learn fashion. Read fashion magazines and study model photos. Closely look how models pose and replicate those poses in front of a mirror. Getting acquainted with such unique poses would ensure you are at ease when posing for the real gig. Watch runway shows to learn runway modeling. Also, watching such shows would help you learn certain other intricacies of the art.

Apply to Jobs on Your Own

Modeling agencies are not the only way to set up a fashion modeling career. Go ahead and apply to modeling agencies. But remember you’d not get a call immediately or within days. You have to wait for the call. Therefore, it’s recommended you do not waste this waiting phase and also apply for modeling jobs independently. You may not associate with the biggest names when working for such firms, but you’d certainly be able to create a resume and modeling portfolio. So do not belittle any opportunity you get.

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