Art At The Beach Cornwall

Art At The Beach Cornwall

If you ever find yourself in North Cornwall, then try to visit Mawgan Porth which is a small village along the coastline. It is located near Newquay on the side of the Atlantic Ocean. The famed South West Coast Path passes through this area. Mawgan offers breath-taking scenery and a beachfront where you can lounge around, swim, surf, or do many other fun activities. For instance, why not try to make art in this wonderful setting?

Fun Art Lessons

The Art at the Beach Cornwall group provides art lessons for people of all ages. Beginners are welcome to join this fun class. People can also take the lessons online but it is much more enjoyable if you head to the beach and link up with the whole group. These are regularly held every Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays with morning and afternoon sessions. You can also schedule private lessons for convenience and dedicated training. Those who have attended swear by it. They love the class as they get so much out of it even in just a small amount of time. The co-operative also offers team development and bespoke art events. If your organisation is looking for a new venue for this type of activity, try Cornwall and you will not be disappointed.

Beautiful Landscape

The setting is perfect for this type of activity. How great is it to be having art lessons in the middle of a beautiful landscape? You have all the inspiration you need to create your first masterpiece. This sandy beach offers incredible views of the rugged coastline. The green hills host a tiny yet charming Cornish village. The deep blue waters invite people to take a dip and listen to the waves as they splash one after the other. The local community helps keep it clean all year round so it’s always a pleasant visit when you come here. Take the whole family for a vacation and stay at any of the hotels in the area.

Commissions and Original Artworks

The group also sells their original artworks at affordable prices. If you are in need of some nice decorations for your home, then drop by to view the available pieces in the gallery. You might just find a few items that will steal your heart. If you have something specific in mind, you can get a commissioned painting done by any of the artists from the co-operative. Just provide the concept and specifications. It will be completed within a reasonable timeframe at an affordable rate. The gallery also sells prints and cards.

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