An Overview Of The Future Of Cloud Services In Sydney

An Overview Of The Future Of Cloud Services In Sydney

Although Australia’s uptake on technology has been slower in the past 15 years as compared to other economies, the pendulum is currently swinging towards faster adaptation. Until recently, the slow adaptation stemmed from the lack of understanding of what cloud services Sydney are and what efficiencies it can bring to the businesses.

Australian industries also feared the lack of control over their systems and data if they employed cloud services technology. An increase in security breaches and a requirement for staffing resources are also some of the reasons why they could not employ cloud services technology. Unlike the past, nowadays, Australia and in particular Sidney, companies are using public cloud in varying degrees even if it means for their public-facing systems, for tests or disaster recovery.

Of all these businesses, most of them realized that mobile internet was of the highest importance to their businesses with the cloud technology coming in as a third most important service. But according to a 2016 Microsoft survey, it was found that over 40% of Australian businesses are already using hybrid cloud technology which they predict to increase by to 49% in the next 18 months. More so, research done by IT research group Garter predicted that in February 2017, the Australian cloud market is likely to increase by almost $6.5

Opportunities for cloud in Sydney

As more Australian businesses realize that the cost of maintaining in-house servers is expensive when they consider utilities and capital expenditure, they will turn to cloud so they can significantly reduce companies’ computing costs and companies’ storage. More so, re-educating the businesses that cloud-based services can help them to keep up with advances in technology, improve their customer service, and allow their operations to be agile, all without the need in specializes in house skills will significantly contributes towards adaptation of the cloud.

Also, changing the mindset of IT teams that cloud services provides new methods of protecting and monitoring information in terms of security will do a lot towards boosting the penetration of this technology. Businesses that are still struggling to raise adequate capital for investment may also find the operating model of cloud services as being more appropriate to their businesses than the traditional ones.

Overall, the future of cloud services Sydney industry is expected to be as powerful and expansive as it’s expected to be very much beneficial. One thing for sure is that the extreme agility and accessibility of cloud computing services in Sidney is now superior. No matter what device they are using and where they are, Australians can now access their cloud, continue to share their information and do their work with a lot of ease.

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