All To Know Concerning Survey Research Training

All To Know Concerning Survey Research Training

Survey Research Training course provides its learners with comprehensive understanding and interpretation of research methods. Primarily it focuses on all aspects that research processes take a right from survey design before data collection, analysis of survey data to reporting results.

Survey training gives learners and researchers knowledge to measure behaviors, norms, values, and attitudes of variables under study. At its extreme interpretation, meaning that survey data can be used to study a range of research questions and variables. Besides, it includes, a variety of methodologies, some of them being substantial compared to others.

Learners and participants are expected to have and develop knowledge on many issues such as bias sources, response psychology, measurement theories, and non-response psychology. Besides, the learner will as well gain vast experience concerning survey analysis using a range of applied methodologies and techniques.

By the end of the Survey Research Training course, learners are expected to demonstrate exceptional ability to critically analyze and evaluate survey-related research such as non-academic and academic evaluations. Besides, the course provides a dynamic environment that develops technical and practical skills amongst its learners. Some of the course skills and competencies include designing high-quality surveys and the ability and confidence to evaluate and interpret complex survey data using different statistical set approaches.

The learners’ will continue applying the knowledge and skills in their entire life as research producers and users as such making the course ideal for both advanced undergraduate students, early-career academic researchers, graduate students, researchers in private, non-private sector and public domain.

Course study load

The course entails formal lectures with minimal formal presentations and case studies. Typical tutoring starts at around 9:00 am and runs to 17:00 pm with appropriate breaks for coffee, lunch, and tea. Fridays mostly are tailored for an individual consultation, and students are expected to prepare intensively for this Friday opportunity.

Course Target Audience

The course mainly targets those working with survey data, planning to commission a survey, carry out a study for yourself, those yearning for knowledge in designing modern survey. It assumes a minimum of bachelor’s degree holder in statistics and methods as in the course SPSS must be used; however, specific knowledge concerning SPSS is not mandatory. Besides, it is intended for professionals, students, and administrators from various fields’ for instance, social and behavioral research, business, marketing, health sciences, and official statistics.

Survey Research Training is an essential course in research and related fields. It equips learners with the required knowledge to interpret survey data correctly and make reasonable variable predictions concerning variables.

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