ABCs Of Mens Floating Sunglasses

ABCs Of Mens Floating Sunglasses

Do you want to buy a pair of sunglasses and do not know what kind of lenses to choose? Not sure if the lenses are suitable for you and your vision needs? Or is it better to choose normal sun lenses? The polarized lenses for Mens Floating Sunglasses help to see better and to significantly reduce the reflection, the annoying reverberation against which, sometimes, even sunglasses can not very much.

Natural light moves in all directions of three-dimensional space, that is horizontally, vertically and along all the angles between these dimensions. When the light in this moving meets a reflecting surface (such as asphalt, snow, water, sand or grass), it undergoes a process called polarization. It begins to move vertically and in Horizon.

The vertical light brings to the human eye a set of useful information, allowing the vision of colors and the perception of contrasts. In contrast, horizontal light (which is called polarized light, because it is ordered in parallel planes) simply creates a sort of annoyance, the so-called reflex, which covers the entire field of vision causing visibility reduction, color distortion and eye irritation and irritation .

Summing up: in bright light conditions the reflection is created, that annoying clear and blinding halo that we all know well. Thanks to their shape, polarized lenses greatly reduce or eliminate the reflected light energy, the main one responsible for the reverberation. With Mens Floating Sunglasses, there is a better perception of contrasts, the vision is clear even in the distance, the colors appear more natural and saturated, the vision undergoes less fatigue; in addition, polar lenses guarantee 100% protection from UV rays.

You can then use a lighter color to achieve the same level (or even better) of reflex reduction and comfort compared to dark non-polarized lenses.

When do you need polarized lenses?

If in the city lenses are a practical but not fundamental advantage, their function of attenuando reflex appears evident in outdoor activities and in all those sports where the vision is disturbed by the presence of reflected light (motorcycle, bike, fishing sports, sailing, surfing, skiing, etc.). The lenses then become necessary in situations where the reflection is intense, such as in the mountains, at the sea and at the beach; in fact, the snow reflects 85% of light rays, 20% water and 10% sand.

In conclusion: lenses attenuate the reflection more than traditional sun lenses.

Which polarized lens color to choose?

There are different colors of polarized lenses, just like normal sun lenses: gray, brown, pink and green. The gray lenses are perfect in situations of direct and intense light, because they allow you to view the colors and contrast to the maximum sharpness.

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