ABCs Of Food Trucks Florida

ABCs Of Food Trucks Florida

Take a van, an old Volkswagen minibus, a bee, a trailer or a cart. Set it up with a fridge, display cabinets, coffee machine, plate, hood, fryer, salamander or wells for ice cream. Proceed with the finishing touches: modify the bodywork, paint or wrap the exterior (application of films), according to the most suitable graphic layout for the brand.

In the you will have a food truck, a special vehicle for street food. From aperitifs to desserts, traveling chefs, perfect strangers or titled, go down the street with their menus. Inexpensive, ethnic or traditional food. A phenomenon that, at the time of lunch or afternoon snack, is worldwide. Now it is spreading also in your neighborhood.

Private individuals and companies in the catering world are increasing, requiring small itinerant means to promote their own brand and products. If you are newcomers, first set the budget, knowing that the preparation of a certified medium varies. For Food Trucks Florida, you need to know what, how and where to sell. Food trucks may regulated by the retail trade on public area, ie streets, canals, squares, including those of private property burdened by servants of public transit. A

In order to obtain the authorizations, it is necessary to possess the subjective requirements provided for by the relevant legislative provisions, and by the objective requirements, depending on the type of trade to be carried out.

For individual companies, registration with the Rec is required, demonstrating the frequency of a course recognized by the Region. It is also sufficient to prove that, for the last five years, you have exercised a similar activity for two years, as owner, partner, qualified employee or collaborator. Alternatively, a hotel school diploma or relevant educational qualifications are sufficient.

For companies (admitted only by persons, in a collective name, limited partnership) it is necessary to indicate a person in charge who has the professional requisites. The “A” license is for the street vendor with fixed parking: it is granted for a specific day in a specific market or fair.

The authorization is issued by the municipality where the activity will take place, together with the stand concession contract. This authorization also allows the sale in itinerant form within the Region and participation in fairs throughout the national territory. In the Municipalities without parking spaces, the license can be obtained by taking over the authorization by notary deed of transfer of a company or branch of a company or by a private deed certified by a notary.

The Food Trucks Florida authorization of the Municipality is always free. For more detailed information on parking lots or transfers, please contact the municipality where you intend to start the activity.

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