A Transformation From 3D To 5D Earth

A Transformation From 3D To 5D Earth

The transformation from 3D to 5D earth is a big step forward in human evolution. As the collective consciousness rises above the level of the fifth-density, humans will no longer be limited by the fixed wheel of existence which has been cemented into place since the beginning of time. For many, this shift will also mean a break from old relationships and old societal structures. Although some of these changes can take place quite quickly, for others, it will take a period of adjustment before they can fully make the transition.

If humans are to survive the next stage of their evolution, they must adapt to a new reality that will not consist of fixed, 3D dimensional boundaries imposed upon them by the egoic, conditioned, limited and illusionary perception of the lower five dens. Although humans will still perceive the three dimensions of space, their perception will have a much more expanded scope. In order to do this, they must first go beyond their daily, two-dimensional thinking and embrace the higher, three-dimensional thinking necessary for changing the state of consciousness. They will then be able to perceive the hologram of the galaxy in its entirety. This will allow humans to move beyond their old, limited models of the world and see beyond the surface level of the physical reality into the energetic realm of their souls.

When a person begins to move beyond the lower five denser levels of reality, he or she will experience a whole new dimension of their being. It is during this time that the soul will begin to experience living outside of time and space. It is during this time that a new sense of self will arise, and the ability to interact with all other realities will become possible. We often refer to this new stage of our evolution as a “shift out of the two minds.”

To achieve this new stage of consciousness, a person must first ascend to the higher realms of the astral plane. The astral plane is made up of planes of energy that vibrate at different frequencies. These planes vibrate at different frequencies depending on what is currently vibrating in that particular plane. If you were to visit one of the higher astral planes, you would notice that everything vibrated at a much higher frequency than everything else vibrating at a lower frequency. The same goes for the lower five denser planes.

Physical reality is only a way of thinking. There is no such thing as absolute truth. At the 5D earth, you will begin to see new realms of perception, and a new consciousness dawns. Once you have reached this new level of consciousness, you can then move on to the planes of infinity. The highest aspirations of spiritual life can then be fulfilled and expanded upon.

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