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A Short Guide To Colored Contact Lenses.

Colored contact lenses are a rage nowadays. However, finding the right contact lenses for your particular needs can be tough. Will the color suit your complexion and your face structure? Will you find a prescription version? These are legitimate questions as colored contact lenses are expensive. Buying the wrong color could result in you looking downright different.

So here is what you do.

Color: Most companies make a range of attractive natural colors that suit nearly every complexion and color. However, some colors may be dramatically different from your natural eye color. We recommend starting with subtle shades that are slightly different from your natural eye color. For example, brown-eyed people can choose amber, hazel, light brown, or even chocolate-brown shades that will accentuate their eyes. Statement colors like green, azure-blue, violet, purple, and a mix of green-brown are perfect if you want to stand out.

Tints: Tint refers to the intensity of color present in the lenses. At present, three tint variations are offered by companies. Visibility tints add a light green or blue tint or shade to the lens. However, this color will not influence your eye color as it is too light. Enhancement tints are perfect for this reason. They offer a solid shade that will enhance your eye color. Color tints, on the other hand, will completely change the color of your eye. These are solid colors and may also combine two light shades like hazel-brown with gold, green with brown tints, or blue-green, etc. with striations or colored dots. These colors also contain patterns that mimic natural iris.

Prescription: The good news is that you will now get colored lenses with prescription numbers as well. You will have to check with your eye doctor who will recommend the right type of prescription lenses.

Extreme colors: Extreme colors like red and orange are also available with unique patterns like cat-eye pupils. These are used as a costume or for theatrical-requirements. A large variety of colors, shapes, and patterns are available. You do not require prescriptions for this type of lenses and are readily available at most novelty shops.

Shop for your color contact lens set carefully. Make sure you invest in a good quality brand and always use manufacturer recommended products. This will extend the lifetime of your lenses and protect your eyes as well. If you have more questions, please do write into us and we will be happy to help you out.

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