A Guide To Getting The Most From An Organic Wheatgrass Starter Kit
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A Guide To Getting The Most From An Organic Wheatgrass Starter Kit

Wheatgrass is a source of a variety of vital vitamins, micronutrients, and proteins. The human digestive system cannot handle wheat sprouts due to the high fiber and cellulose content. Nevertheless, juicing the grass makes it easy for your body system to absorb the nutrients. The benefits of wheatgrass to human health are immeasurable, and it’s time you start growing the grass at home. As a beginner, you want to purchase an organic wheatgrass starter kit that’s packed with everything you need for planting, managing, and processing your nutritious sprouts. Let’s take a quick look at a few things about the grass kit.

What to look for in a wheatgrass kit

A basic wheatgrass kit should contain growing trays, growing medium, instructions manual, and wheatgrass seeds. Go for garden trays with holes that will allow excess water to drain and hence prevent mold infestation. Additionally, some suppliers include azomite trace mineral fertilizer in their kits. The additive ensures that your sprouts are rich in trace minerals required by the human body. LED grow lights come in handy when growing wheatgrass in a place that does not receive sufficient sunlight. As stated earlier, it’s hard for the human body to digest wheatgrass unless juiced. Hence, you might consider purchasing the kit together with a wheatgrass juicer at a discounted price rather than buying the juicer separately.

Where to buy your kit

You can readily access wheatgrass growing kits in your local organic or food stores. You want to buy your kit from a store that will offer you a comprehensive package, and this boils down to visiting well-known stores. It’s easy to end up with an incomplete package, especially if you don’t know what you should look for in a wheatgrass kit. Alternatively, you can order a kit from a well-reputed online store. Take an extra step to check customer reviews, shipping and return policy, and package items before placing your order.

Where to place your trays

Follow the instructions in the manual to prepare the seeds. Wheatgrass flourishes in indirect sunlight, and it’s best to grow them outside in the shade during the hot summers. Alternatively, place the trays close to a window or in a room with skylight, while taking care to protect them from pets and other animals. Water the seeds daily, but avoid excess water that may damage your sprouts. Wheatgrass sprouts are usually ready for harvest and juicing in about two weeks.

Buying and using an organic wheatgrass starter kit is easy as long as you have the right information. Buy your equipment from reputable stores, whether local or online having ensured that it incorporates the items mentioned above. Grow the sprouts under the right conditions to avoid damage and to benefit fully from their nutritional constituents.

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