A Complete Guide To Dance Tights

A Complete Guide To Dance Tights

Dance tights are a must-have for professional dancers. But don’t let that restrict you from buying a pair. Tights offer support and define your legs creating an illusion of toned calves and thighs. In fact, you can wear them out of the dance hall and out-and-about as well.

Versions: Professional dance tights are made-to-last and they can be expensive. Most versions have a matt finish and are made from a strong durable knit. They can be worn repeatedly and stretched repeatedly without tears and piling. Classic versions usually have different types of foot designs like

• Footed in which the entire foot is covered.
• Stirrup design with a single strap covering the arch of the foot or the toes.
• Footless
• Convertible in which an elastic hole is present in the sole. You can then cover or uncover your foot from the tights. This is an excellent option as it allows you to transition from ballet or dance use to daily use.
• Fishnet tights are a wonderful option as well. They are netted and can easily make the transition from dance use to daily wear.
• Compression tights are designed to hold your body during dance moves. Compression technology wicks away sweat and helps your muscles recover faster from lactic acid buildup. There are soft and hard versions in compressions stockings as well. The soft versions are elegant and adapt to the body better, however, hard versions compress the body and provide excellent support.
• Shades and colors: Companies now make thousands of shades for professional dancers. Some companies even have 10 shades of skin-colored or neutral-toned tights. In case you want a specific shade, most tights can be custom-dyed to match outfits. These versions make the transition to daily wear very easily.
• Cost: Dance leggings can be expensive as they are manufactured to be durable and ultra-supportive in nature. However, there are now thousands of companies that make several fits, designs, and types of dance leggings.

You can easily find an affordable pair or a good company to invest in. A word of caution; invest in quality tights. Expensive versions may not seem like the right choice but they can last a lifetime if cared for properly.
Dance leggings are wonderful for daily wear as well. If you follow our tips, you will find the right leggings for daily wear and for your dancewear as well.

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