5 Secrets To Finding Inexpensive Transcription Services
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5 Secrets To Finding Inexpensive Transcription Services

Paying an experienced freelance transcriptionist or a company that will accurately do your work and deliver on time can be quite costly. However, you can still get a company that will get your work accurately done and delivered on time at a lower fee. You only need to know where to look and you will get your work done within your budget. Without further ado, here is an overview of what you need to do in order to find both good and inexpensive transcription services. Let’s dive into how you can hack this easily.

Find out What the Company Specializes In

Although there are many transcribers, they can’t be good in all transcription fields. You will find that an interview transcriber is not good in court. Find out what the company you want to hire specializes in, compare several companies that offer the services you require, and settle on one with best services but lower prices.

Make Use of Social Media Most companies use social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instgram. Take your time, go through their pages and see how they interact with their customers. You can determine how much they charge from these pages. Settle on one with the least charges. These pages can also tell you whether or not they are worth your time, especially going by what other past clients are saying about them.

Opt for Longer Turn around Time

Plan yourself ahead and seek these services early enough so that you can choose a slow turnaround time. Mostly when you choose time that is over a week, you will get a discount of 20%. This way you will save a lot without having to compromise on quality of your work.

Check Companies Review Online

Almost all established companies have some reviews online. This information is free. Take your time and go through several companies reviews. By comparing a number of them, you will come up with the best company that can offer quality work at an affordable price.

Go for a Less Detailed Transcript

The fewer the details, the cheaper the price. Choose the intelligent verbatim that will offer you word by word but omit stutter and repetitions as compared to Strict verbatim that will include everything but will be more costly. If the stutters are not necessary, omit them and pay less.

You don’t have to break a bank to pay for inexpensive transcription service. If you can go by the above points, be rest assured that you will save yourself some reasonable amount of cash and still get quality work

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