3 Fashion Inspirations Evident With The 1920s Mens Suits

3 Fashion Inspirations Evident With The 1920s Mens Suits

The 1920s mens suits are making a comeback. Look around, and you’ll notice that current men’s suit designers embrace the classic fashion of the past. Only the variations of the material and the cut give the Jazz-age men’s suit a modern flair. Checking closely, it’s evident that the 1920s suits have influenced men’s wear for decades since the 1940s to today, from the then stylish zoot suit to the modern tighter-fitting suits. Let’s dive into three fashion inspirations born from the 1920s man’s wardrobe.

The pinstriped suit

Pinstripe suits are becoming a preference for many scholars. The diversity in styling gives the wearer a chance to showcase their creativity and uniqueness without a sweat. Besides, it’s a perfect fit suit for your everyday wear.

In the fashion world, there is no word like ‘an obsolete style.’ Designers only continue to improve what has been there in the past. The pinstriped suit was first designed in the 1920s and was worn by white-collar workers to denote financial status. It’s no different from today. This suit is commonly worn by lawyers and financial experts and is often perceived as an outfit for career men. Tweak this suit with a contrasting collar shirt and accessorize with a classic necktie, and you have a modern 1920s look.

Black formal suits

Black has, since the golden age of men’s suits, remained as the standard color for a formal look. However, the past design elements have been replaced with somehow advanced details. The current 1920s suit comes accessorized with a tuxedo, unlike in the past when men gave their black suits the taste of style by wearing a crisp white shirt underneath.
This 1920s formal look continues to rule in the men’s wardrobe. However, some designers try to teak this formality by accessorizing the suit with a casual style.

Light-colored suits

In the 1920s, lighter-colored suits were associated with a sign of wealth. Meaning the wearer had to have enough money to maintain such a fabric. Today, similar men’s suits are also common among the rich. To handle the ruining that comes with light-colored clothing, you must have a fat bank account. These fabrics stain easily and demand lots of care to keep them in perfect condition and this requires considerable finances.

Now that you’ve taken a trip back to the heydays of men’s fashion, you can agree that it’s then when men’s fashion took a different twist and new styles were designed. It’s clear that the 1920s mens suits inspire today’s trendy men’s fashion styles.

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