24 Hour Car Battery Service

24 Hour Car Battery Service

Bird droppings are not only unpleasant but are also hard to remove: help soften stains with a damp cloth. You can use traditional handkerchiefs or baby wipes. Against limescale deposits, you can use some decalcifying products for coffee machines, diluted with water. Apply gently and leave for a couple of minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

In order to keep the door seal soft and supple, we recommend that you periodically apply a deergrain cream to all seals. In this way the doors are sealed better, not only against humidity but also against noise.

Dedicating to car care periodically not only keeps its value high, but allows your car to last longer. Car washing is the first step in the body polishing process, but what are the differences between a professional and a do-it-yourself cleaning? Also, always check your battery if it’s still working. If not sure how to check or feel it’s already having issue call a 24 Hour Car Battery Service in Singapore

The popular wisdom says that those who start well are halfway through the work. Nothing could be more true if the topic in question is how to polish the car. Let’s find out how to do a professional wash and do it yourself. Evaluate the conditions of the car and the choice of products. Professional or do it yourself, the washing part necessarily from here.

You must verify the level of dirt accumulated on the surface, which will greatly affect the choice of detergent to be used. the state of the transparent, the more the thickness is reduced or particularly ruined, the more caution is required.

Line of biocomponent degreasing alkaline detergents (with basic PH), not present in the sales channels to the private sector. Choice of the most aggressive formulation if in presence of very dirty surfaces or with a more balanced and gentle PH if the car is well maintained. If the thickness of the transparency is reduced (or particularly damaged) the choice falls on a delicate degreaser, acting in several steps. You also need the 24 Hour Car Battery Service in Singapore.

No need for a large set of detergents. One is enough, concentrated, with medium alkaline PH (PH 10-11). Choose a lower dilution of the detergent product if the car is very dirty or increase it if, on the contrary, the surface is quite clean. If the transparency is not in good condition, be very cautious and minimize the exposure of the surface to the cleaning agent.

The degreaser on the body is spread in foam form thanks to a high pressure system, the foam lance, from which the procedure takes its name. The surface is then immediately rinsed, with a pressure washer at moderate pressure, at a certain distance from the vehicle.

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